About Us

Our History...
On March 16, 1954, 32 people met in a building on Pearl Rd. to establishing a new Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Parma area. The first worship of this new congregation was on December 5, 1954, at the Thoreau Park School building on West 54th Street in Parma. Parma Christian Church was chartered on February 27, 1955. It was during this year that money was raised to purchase a well-located 5- acre site on Ridge Road for our future building. Ground was broken in May of 1956 for the sanctuary and first classroom unit. A second unit was added in 1962 to provide additional meeting rooms. Additional facilities such as a multi-purpose outdoor pavilion and adjacent parsonage were added in following years.

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is the oldest mainline Protestant denomination born on American soil. It traces its roots to the teachings of Alexander Campbell and Barton Stone, and expanded in the mid-19th century with the western frontier.

We Grow as a Congregation...
Parma Christian Church is a church for all peoples of our community. We are a diverse church bonded by a common proclamation of Jesus Christ as our personal savior and a desire to do His will. We celebrate Holy Communion each week as the focal point of our Sunday worship service, and this communion is open to all followers of Christ regardless of church affiliation. We practice baptism by immersion following a personal decision to accept Christ as an individual’s personal savior. However, we also accept other forms of Christian baptism as equally valid through the grace of God.

We Serve Our Community...
Christ has no hands but ours! Parma Christian Church seeks to make a difference in our community. Our outreach efforts include:

The Parma Christian Food Pantry - Parma Christian Church food pantry provides much-needed food to less fortunate members of our community. We gladly accept food and monetary donations to help us with this interfaith ministry.

The Saint Patrick's Catholic Church Dinner - We provide food and other support at a monthly supper for the needy people of the inner city.

We Look to the Future...
Our vision in moving toward the 21st Century is to be:

  • A caring, joyous church where everyone is loved and accepted.
  • A quality church which gives spiritual depth in worship through Bible study, prayer and music.
  • A church proclaiming devotion to Christ and His teachings with meaningful programs for the young, single adults, young families, and the elderly.